Lazy Sunday

It's been quite the week. Today is a Lazy Sunday and I am reminded of how much I enjoy witchy shopping. I got some new candles and incense and I even got me a new pentagram which I am purifying as of right now.

If all goes as planned, I will be starting to write some stories soon. I am sort of psyched. I am still not sure if to write them here or what. I will opt in the "or what" category because I know myself far too much to be angry at me for not pulling through. One month left of school and I am already making plans.

1. I want to take a break from teaching.
2. I want to get back to the full feeling of writing.
3. I want to get purged from all evil (facebook)
4. I do want to get myself a new computer. This one is the school's computer. I still owe them a laptop (I am still not sure on how the hell I am gonna pay them that)

I will see Angie tomorrow. It's been almost a year.

:) Good vibrations. I want to start this blog with something I haven't done in a while.. I will start with the new 30 days of music challenge. I got this new list from a page...  So... I wanna start yes?

Favourite song with a colour in the title

Ice House -- "Electric Blue"

I find this song to be quite cool. Yeah, I know, I am retro. Who cares. I sure don't :P


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