Jutsu-Me The After Shock Part 1

Well, as I've said, the Jutsu-Me came and went and now it's time to look back and remember all the good times. So far, I have not received any picture from the people who attended, but I still keep my hopes up in to that I shall get some... for now, I have the pictures I snatched (yes, that is the correct word) from the Neovolution TV page. They were sponsors/organizators/idea crafters of the Jutsume 2010...

 One of the promotional posters for the Jutsume... I liked the one that Issaac did best...

This little girl won the WII... she was the cutest thing! She wore a LUIGI from Mario Bros. Cosplay! XD

Luigi girl and the guy who won the PS3... I tell you, that PS3 didn't seem to want to leave the University's premises! It took almost FIVE tickets to get it to go!!! XD

When I saw the cat costume, I thought... "Could it be....??" and IT WAS!! SPINNEL SUN from Cardcaptor Sakura!!! I thought this was the BEST costume... but then again, who am I to judge??? Unfortunatelly for me, I have no clue on who the other two are... but the chubby one in the middle did the funniest walk! XD

This is Pablo Calderón. I don't know if he ACTUALLY finished Graphic Design at the UACJ, but I knew him back then as a designer student... and now, here he is, dressed in his COSPLAY thing... I have no idea who he is... but he won the Cosplay contest. He is also known as the COSPLAY BULLY because he ALWAYS wins Cosplay... Luv his cosplays though...

A Panda favorite, Sesshomaru from the INUYASHA series. This girl actually PAID 70 USDLLS for the wig. She got 3rd place. 

These two shared second place at the cosplay thingie. The girl with the shorts? yeah, she dresses like that to school ALL THE TIME (or so I've been told). ROUGUE was accompanied by a F.A.H.* Gambit... I shall have his picture up and posted here soon. ROUGUE came equipt with SPECIAL EFFECTS!

Here are MORE photos from the Jutsume... taken by Suky Rosales... snatched by moi...


During the event we had WORKSHOPS about how to draw cartoon style, manga style, painting, and such. I would like to thank all my friends who came through for me by giving these workshops... and promote their websites along the way:
Eduardo Varela made quite the impression by being the most crowded workshop. He told me he was working at the juvenile detention hall giving these classes... good for you!!! Adrián Dórame had the evil intentions on not doing anything, BUT I basically told him to get his ass in gear and so he gave a drawing workshop. He also did the photoshop one, but no one seemed to be interested in it... just like they were not interested in taking Angélica de la Cruz's Drawing Basics, but mainly it was because the workshop was aimed at little kids... Gabriela Avila also gave a workshop -- painting. However, the kids were not as interested in this workshop... some got bored after five or ten minutes. Figures! This X-Box generation has little patience, if any. Marisol Valle and her BF, Carlo Lofaro, gave the cosplay/papel mache workshop and it got some attention. I only wish I had time to join them!! :( Me so sad!

The group Temporada de Patos also made their appearance, promoting their upcoming event at the Centro de Convenciones CIBELES...  It's the NATIONAL VIDEO GAME CONVENTION!!! I shall keep you posted. 

656 Comics also made their presence felt by going on Saturday to give a WORKSHOP on how to make a Comicbook script. However, they did not show the next day... man! And I wanted to buy their comic so they could sign it! Oh well, I guess I shall have to wait 'till next convention!!!

Up to today, I have received ONE e-mail... happy, I share...

Date: 2010/5/10
Subject: JUTSUME
To: yuviachairez@gmail.com

Hola yuvia!!te queria felicitar por haber organizado la Jutsume, para mi fue una de las mejores convenciones que ha habido en Juarez, el lugar estubo perfecto, me gusto como estaban divididos los estands, y el servicio del camion que te llebaban a la conve tambien me fue muy util, el concurso de cosplay estubo muy divertido. Y ojala que vuelvan a hacer otra Jutsume el proximo anio. Felicidades y muchas gracias por todo.

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To be perfectly honest, I did not organize the entire thing.. I HELPED. But thank you!! XD

So now, we hope that this experience will repeat itself... even though some people may try to copy what we did, we all know that Jutsume is but ONE and ONLY!!! XD

This is the Panda... eating bamboo and signing off!!!

* = Funny As Hell


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