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1st week, new semester, same ol' same ol'....

"You eat yet?"
"Naaa... you?"

This is a new semester... and it's the same ol' same ol' moving around, no students to give a class to in the morning, complaints about things that should have been checked out before leaving... Sometimes I wonder if you can just leave alittle peeping bird instead and it would do the job nicely while I'm outside, eating bamboo and scratching mah belly.

But no one wants to see mah belly.... so sad...

The new semester begins with high hopes that by some miracle of the miracle fairy, morning students will actually want to learn and evening students will actually arrive early to class. Of course the miracle fairy only works her magic in a 50% ratius (tha bitch!) and so it happens that we have been given one week trial to see if amore students arrive to class and thus, thew enthusiatic English class might begin. This time, I get to teach English III, V and VII in the mornings and English VII a and VII b in the afternoons.
However (and to make matters interesting), English V and VII in the mornings are quite the predicament. It seems that the schedule for both classes is Mon-Fri, Noon, Classroom 18, Miss Panda. Yes. You are reading correctly. I am supposed to be giving a different level class, same time, same hour, same place... it's not that I haven't done the split-split class routine before... but... people plis! This is a private university? I mean, com'on! I can expect this sort of cookie canoodle things on a primary or a secondary, heck! even a high school --- but at this level? It's just bizarre to me... or maybe I'm just a cry baby...

With all that, my routine starts and I couldn't be happier. Yes, I might whine and bitch about it, but then again, I would rather be working and feeling useful at something than to lay around the house, doing nothing but eating doritos while watching VH1 all afternoon...

I miss Flavor Flave....

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