Life could be a Dream...

It has all been good thus far. I've managed to get 15 people in each of the afternoon levels so that means that things might be looking bright. 'xcept for the fact of angry kiddy-like teacher who gives a lame-ass class of illustration. See, we're all friends here; sometimes there is a teacher giving a class at the computer lab and we all keep quiet and stuff and do not disturb and we don't mind he company but this lam-o teacher (that shall be his nick name Mr. Lame-O) insists that the presence of other teachers there - distracts him. First of all, we are all quiet and not even in the same room. Secondly, we don't even pay attention to what he is teaching. So he's either nervous about something or he's just lame. As far as I can tell, he's giving students work he's charging clients for and getting all the credit. Tell me, is that "professional"?

Life could be a dream and this guy could get a clue. No one is there to point fingers at HIM and we're not going to rat his ass about what he's doing BUT if he keeps picking the bone and poking, we might just forget all about it and screw him over.

1st Day --- sh boom!

So, after a month or so of vacations, we have started yet another school year. My niece and nephew have gone to school. And it's funny because my niece's mom (my sister) was buying for school supplies and looking at backpacks with tinkerbell and disney princesses... and my niece is now in to Rock Camp and Highschool musical. Big Zac Effron fan. She's growing up and this took my sis by surprise. Sophia is into BOYS now.

Morning class went as smoothly as can be expected for a first day. I have an English 7 group and an English 1 group. Smooth! I'll get a little more moolah. I still have to talk to Paul. Not good. He is one of those teachers who prays to himself sometimes so... have to let him go for 1 semester. cry cry cry.

New Semester

A new semester is upon us. New students, new schedules, new everything. I find it very exciting but at the same time in fear of what "same old bullshit" is to come. Lots of things have come my way, some good, some bad, some I still can't quite know what the heck are they. But one thing I know is that life moves on and we have to be here to "take the ride"

So...TKT. According to what I have been told by the people who are coming to certify, (BTW, I haven't send in the info they asked for! BAD PANDA!!) it's the first time they come to Juarez. So, this is a big thing! They're very excited about it and apparently I'm the only one who got as excited about it around here -- but that's juts because the squirrel is not around. He would be happy. I need someone to get happy with me!!!

SIGH! I miss La Tenshi!

Birthday is coming soon. I accept gifts.

or candy... or at least a hollah!

The Nail Dilemma

I have long nails now. I decided to "take the plunge" into girly land and thus, i have long nails that are okay except for the fact that they are avoiding my speed in typing. I type like the new born baby jiraffe... or like any kind of jiraffe, because it's a well-know documented fact that jiraffes cannot use a laptop.

Sister went on vacation, which means that we went to her home to clean. She is such a pig! I swear! But the prize was that I could scan images that I've been wanting to scan and that I could take a peek at the comic she's been doing (and promising to me) for the last five months or so. My only hope is that she wants me to have them for birthday... 3 weeks away and counting.

BTW -- I want a party. With tiki torches and everything.


An update on things

Well, live from what is ought to be a cool psyche class, I update this blog. Not much has been going on... no wait... it has!

1. Daddy went on vacations to San Carlos. Brought me Coyotas (mmmmm coyotas....) and a keychain. He had a good time. Came back all bronceadito and all -- I'm happy.

2. Since Daddy went on vacations, mommy went to her bf's home and left me alone. Suky and David came over. Made spaguetthi and tinga and watched Marie Antoinette. I liked it very much. Then, I played videogames all night, both Friday and Saturday. On sunday I made pancakes... yet, no porn. WHICH REMINDS ME! -- The gay porn I was missing? It appeared inside the CD case of "Traditional Greek music"... LOL!!!!

3. Sister and her clan went on vacations last wednesday to Puerto Vallarta. They're probably having a blast right about now. I hope they bring me a postcard like I asked her to. But since she is not there, I went to her house and took out the drawings I've been wanting to have for a LOOOOONG time and SCANNED THEM. Plan to make them prutty. I really like one image of me and Ion. I think it's cute.

4. Had my statistics exam yesterday. Believe me, I think I have invented a new way to flunk a test. (at least I'm proactive!)

5. I don't know what's wrong with Mikuni's left hand-paw. Need to check for medications available. But it's her own damn fault! She keeps acting crazy every time she goes outside!... I think it's because she eats the sabila plant like there was no tomorrow. Poor plant. (AH! Just remembered what we gave as pain management! ETOROLACO!!!)

6. Went to El Paso. Got Mikuni "the good stuff" for food -- and got myself new pants and shirts. Wondering what do they put inside those Sonic burgers that make them sooo yummy... I think it's crack.
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