Mom and Dr House

Well, yesterday my father went on his yearly vacation, leaving me and mom as happy as dancing elves on the forest because we can basically do whatever we want.

But, we got cable disc yesterday.

My mom was kind of freaking out because of it. Why? Because we wouldn't get to see our now week-long tv show, Dr House. My mother and i have become quite the adicts to this program and like the tv junkies that we are, we couldn't get by without our daily "fix". After a five-minute delay of thinking, she turns to me (v seriously) and says "can we rent it?"

Yes, we can.

and yes, we did.

So, yesterday we got our fix by watching the next chapter in the House drama. We don't want to watch the rest of it since we have decided to go on by the daily dosage. When we get cable back, we'll be as good as new.

I paid cable today, so I think that by monday we'll be back on track. And Dr House wouldn't have even missed us.


1st Day of Vacations... and I couldn't get away!

Yes. My first day of vacations and I was summoned by the dark forces back to school for a small yet unnecessary briefing in which (a) I got to sign in for the rest of the month and (b) they told me to do things that are already done.

Daddy is going on a trip, paid for by moi. I wanted to send him somewhere since last year, but couldn't (I was poor). This yeear, however, his luck has changed and he leaves on Thursday (it's not that I am no longer poor, but I could pay for the trip along the year, so yeeeey!)

Still, no phone :(

I wrap this up rather quickly and hope that my head can come up with something more interesting than the fact that it seems that my principal can't be at peace without seeing me at least once a day.

Fiddle crackers!!!

The 10-Thing Quickie

1. I want a cell phone. And if it was such a thing as a Panda Cellphone I would want that one. I thought this Hello Kitty dressed as a Panda was C.A.H. (Cute as Hell)

2. Planning on sending Daddy out on vacation so that me and mom have some vacation time of our own. Right now the candidates are Mazatlan, Vallarta, and San Carlos.

3. Helping a v. cute co-worker look for cradles. I told him where to look, why is he still here? o___O

4. Planning on having a 3-cheese panini today. It's Thursday.

5. Mom is madly in love with Dr. House.

6. I made it to Cuba in Mafia Wars. I am such a nerd.

7. Have done new art for DeviantART. I think I'm getting better at using photoshop for my own benefit.

8. I started a podcast. It's mostly the blog, but spoken.

9. Mexico plays against Costa Rica today. I am NOT looking forward to it, I just thought you should know.

10. I miss the Tenshi.


It's summertime, ladies and gentlemen

I am finally done with lists. Now, all I have to do is make sure that we have deposited the money for the TKT exams and I AM DONE!! ^_____^

This weekend was extra fun! It all started with me and my friends going to see the Harry Potter 6 movie premiere. I was the only one (THE ONLY ONE!!) wearing my witchy hat. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!! IT'S THE HARRY POTTER PREMIERE!!! You should be wearing your witchy hats!! GAWDS!!! Anyho, the movie ROCKED and we had a blast, even though the movie theatre was so packed that we had to sit on the stairs, hence blocking the emergency exit hahahahahaha!!! But the movie was great. I loved when Adi (my friend's Suky sister) was so spooked with Aragog's dead corpse. That was funny! ^__^

Then, the next day, me and my sister and her hubby went to check out the movie. This has a story behind it. Turns out that in the original plan, it was to be me and the sis going to the premiere. But the hubby (tag along as he is) decided that he wanted to go. But not to the premiere... 'cause he works. So screw the two mega fans who wanted to go to premiere, right? He said "we're going on Friday". Well, the tickets were SOLD out for the IMAX showing on Friday. We ended-up going to the VIP movie section (poor us, right?!). Sis and me were, ga-ga gooing over Mr. Snape. And then there was the annoying as HELL American bastard sitting next to me. It came to a point where I turned to him and said "If you don't shut the fuck up, I SWEAR I'll go all SLYTHERIN on your ASS!!" (exact quote and words)

Saturday came and I wanted to go to Starbucks. It had been a while since I've gone, so I packed-up mah laptop to download stuff while I was there and went. Holy crap! Sure glad I did! They had their 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY party going on!!!! ^_____^ And you know what that means: FREEBIES!!! I got to taste their new stuff -- FOR FREE! There was cool music, and me and this cool guy started talking and talked for over three hours! His name is Eric. HI ERIC!!!!

Bad news: I lost my cellphone. LG. Black. No camera, no microphone, no bluetooth, no mp3player, no video... just a plain old phone. It was more the sentimental value of this phone than anything else... if you see it, tell it I miss it.

Sunday: Me and the niece went to see Cinderella at the local theathre. It was HILARIOUSLY funny!!!! We had a very good time while watching it. And it almost turned in to a riot too, for there were a lot of people outside and they let us wait to get in for about two hours! Good thing that we were inside the premises and not out, like, in the sun out? Or else it would me L.A. 90's riots all over, with Cinderella and Snow White kids flying through the air.

....... o though, that would have been quite the show, mind you.

Mexico won 4-0 at soccer. It was held at the NEW Texas Stadium... against who? Well, as my father so blissfully pointed out, "Who cares? The important thing is that they won, who cares who the rival was!!!" (Haiti).


Listening to "Take 5"

New Trimester --- Same old students!

Hello! Yesterday was the beginning of the new trimester at the URN. My old classmates were there -- ALL of them, which was good because we decided to stick it out for each other and finish this MA no matter what.

The class was super fun. It's Statistics applied to education, which it would usually mean for me that I need an abacus to help me out here, but the teacher has made it super easy and super fun. The four hours went by very fast. I can't wait for next friday.

Nor I can't wait for pay day! I want to go out!!

... (add title here) (part 2)

Today is Thursday and as it might have it, there is no class today. Tomorrow, my "non-existent" English VIII class will have their final exam.

Yes, "non-existent"

Turns out that the deal they struck with the Dean @ school is non-valid by URN standards. In other words, if they find out in Chihuahua what they did, we would be in a messy pickle. I did not authorize it, tho. This is all my boss man's circus. What happened is that two students flunked (with a capital F) English 7. But if they waited 1 semester to take the class (sorry -- retake the class), they would be held back 1 year. They graduate next December. So, for them they made the exception that they could take the subject and catch up in one semester. Good for them, good for me (because I got paid an extra class, hence I have work). But now turns out that it's a whole mess because I cannot capture their classmate's grades until they either fail or pass the class (this class) so that I can capture their grades as if they took the class along with the rest. So, to the system, they never failed the class...


yeah, I have a "whaaaaaaa???" face too. Particularly when I had to redo the lists so that this could be possible.

ISO-9000 my ass.....


In other parts (not so complicated) I have new art in DeviantART. Check it out.

Once in a While by ~Yuvia on deviantART

The Promise by ~Yuvia on deviantART

Amores Ocultos by ~Yuvia on deviantART

They Too Will Fall by ~Yuvia on deviantART

Breakfast in Bed

Today I woke up with a bright, positive attitude, inspite of everything that has been going on around here. So, I wanted breakfast in bed. But not just like - any breakfast in bed. I wanted the whole nine yards. Mexican breakfast in bed -- eggs, bacon, beans, tortillitas, chilito, coffee and newspaper.

Yeah, dream on. That's just what my angel said.

My breakfast in bed for today: tea and watermelon.

It was still breakfast in bed... yet not THE breakfast in bed I wanted.

How come we cannot have the things we want sometimes? Maybe it's the unuverse's way to play a prank on your desires and just tease. Or maybe it's because that's the way we know if we really wanted things in the first place.

See -- we return to ye old saying about the brick walls. They are there for a reason: if you want something and you stumble upon a brick wall, if you really wanted it, you have to work hard to get that thing you want. If you don't want it bad enough, then the brick wall will eventually win and stand.In this case (the breakfast in bed), I could have gotten up (even though it would have been difficult) and made my own damn breakfast (another difficulty). But no. I didn't wanted it bad enough to go through all the trouble, so I settled with the usual mom-loving breakfast.

In life, we have to make choices. Do we want things bad enough? Is it just a spoiled brat's whim? These choices make our character strong -- they make us who we are. We all have dreams and aspirations, and when we complain about not obtaining that dream or goal we have set in life for us, it's because we allowed the brick walls around it to win over our own will. Granted, some brick walls are there to tell us that the road we are taking towards our goal is not the correct one, so we must find another way to obtain it. And some brick walls are made out of flesh and bone.

So -- what was I trying to tell you with all this rambling?

Oh yeah! Never give up!


Lalito's B day

Today is one of my dearest friends' B day. Mr Eduardo Varela turns an X ammount of years. Happy B day Lalo (lalovarela.deviantart.com)

I thank also my computer calendar for reminding me of that -- yeah, I have a tefflon brain, what can I say?

So -- yesterday was the season finale of my two favorite TV shows: Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy. O though I cannot say where the fuck PP is going now, I can say that GA has opened a new set of worms that can easily be transcripted into two seasons more. PP -- you're good, but you've dealt most of your cards right about now.

My mother, however, has become a mega-fan of House M.D.

-- I did not watch the MJ funeral. I mean, what a freak show that is! If I wanted to see the circus, I would WALK to my nearest one!

Tomorrow there is this big presentation I have to do for the CEO of the school. I only hope that I get enough attention to get my dept. some earphones so we can have a some what decent English lab. Yeah! We're teaching English to ESL students with no AUDIO lab. How F-ed up is that? (and no, you do not get to tell me that somewhere in a poor country school in Bangladesh they do not have an idea of what an Audio lab is because things in the most important borderland in Mexico are different than in the Bangladeshian jungle... Hah! I made a new word! Bangladeshian!)

Elecciones 2009 (SPANISH MODE)

5 de Julio. Elecciones en el Pais...Y yo, fui a cumplir con mi deber ciudadano y nulifique mi voto. Mi madre iba a hacer lo mismo pero se fue de rajuchis y opto por votar por el de toda la vida.

Pa' empezar, yo no creo en la MIERDA que los partidos politicos intentan venderle al pueblo. Ya fue suficiente con dejarnos a la merced de aquellos pendejos que nomas porque traen una pistolita se creen muy hombres los cabrones. Y la nulificacion de votos y el abstencionismo de mucha gente en el pais es muestra de que la gente ya esta harta de estos putos que vienen a sentarse y a ganar salarios dignos de REYES mientras que el pueblo muerto de hambre y jodido pierde empleos -- MILES de empleos!! En Sonora, que esperaban los cabrones? Seguir en el poder despues de la MIERDA que hicieron con los pobres nenes de la guarderia ABC? Hijos de la chingada, me cae que si los hubieran reelegido (el partido politico que estaba en el poder) ora si que "les toca la que les toca porque se lo merecen por gueyes". Queretaro -- el PAN (partido accion nacional) pierde la gobernatura. Pos nomas porque no quieren que se den de besos en publico ni muestren senales de afecto. MOJIGATOS!!! MORALINAS!!! Y bien HIPOCRITAS que son, me cae. Juaritos se abstuvo en un 60 - 70 % y que creen? De todas formas les gano el PRI (como dijo mi ama -- por el pri por el pri por el pri -- por Mexico por Mexico y su libertad). En muchos estados gano el PRI no porque la raza los quiera mucho (bajenese d ela puta nube) sino porque ya el PAN con el CALDERAS de presidente (y de psiquico porque aparentemente ya sabia lo que mato a Michael Jackson antes de que lo revelara la autopsia -- nom'bre si se fue FOX pero dejaron al CALDERAS, me cae)nos tiene HARTOS de su INCOMPETENCIA.

SR. PRESIDENTE: MILES DE SOLDADOS EN LAS CALLES NO VAN A TERMINAR CON LA VIOLENCIA QUE SE VIVE EN LAS CALLES DE CIUDAD JUAREZ, SENOR!! POR QUE mejor no se mete sus soldados.. a su casa? Mire que mis impuestos estan manteniendo su dichoso "Plan" que sirve para dos cosas: pa'a la madre y pa' puritita chingadera.

All work and no play makes this panda's head feel woosy

I have been feeling dizzy all morning today. And just as I do --- and it happens all the time -- I get a meeting with my dean today.

A ten minute meeting turned into a 3 hour ordeal that has my head spinning. I don't know if it's the lack of sugar or something else. All I know is that it feels horrible. Need to prepare presentation to sell my program to the Head Dean who comes to Juarez next week. I have a TON of work to do in the next week or two and no desire whatsoever to do it.

I'll do it --- and it will be grand, make no mistake about that.

I have downloaded Grey's Anatomy seasons 2 and 3 and now I am downloading season 4. I am totally obsessed with this series.

I wish I could speak to you about a grand summer vacation, but I can't. It seems that the powers that be have decided to keep me inside a room, either school, home, or hospital, and not let me go have a good time. I wanna go to the beach or to the swimming pool. I need water.

and sex... let us not forget about that.

My sister also wants me to go be her circus monkey on Saturday and amuse all her friends --- all her 4 friends. Amuse? Yes. She wants me to go and read their future in their palms. As if I need to do that. I mean, they all have kids and no husband, it's only logical what they wanna hear and what they don't wanna hear, so I'll just go with what they don't wanna hear because that's usually the truth. Or maybe I'm just saying this because I don't feel with ganas right now...

Yeah, that's probably it.

This song makes me laugh SO HARD!!!


Yesterday I send the story that's to compete in the National Novel competition in Mexico. The title is "Viddhea" and I hope it wins. Really. Or at least one of those honorable mention awards. I really liked how this story turned out. For schizel.

It's 12 58. I don't want to go home yet.

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